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Moonlight Becomes Me: Dealing with the Saturn/Pluto Square and Other Stuff

Moonlight Becomes Me

Shedding New Light on the MOON and astrology

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dealing with the Saturn/Pluto Square and Other Stuff

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Even though I've not been posting about astrology for quite some time as I've been working on other projects, I feel compelled to issue a Head's Up about the current astro climate.

There a great deal of turbulence *potentially* around the corner.

Here's what's going on: Saturn is squaring Pluto on Jan. 31st/Feb 1st, and the last few times this exact discordant square happened, here's what went down: the Oklahoma City bombing, the WTC attack, and the disastrous Haiti earthquake. The next and last time this square will take place will be on August 21st.

And together with this challenging square, we have a Full Moon in Leo with Mars retrograding conjunct. This dramatic cosmic set-up portends a troubled time for Leo loves drama, and Mars lights fires.
Pluto (the planet of the Underworld) and Saturn (which rules structures) are transforming something. Perhaps a rent in the Matrix? What exactly it will be time will tell.

My women friends are all *feeling* this time period with their stomachs protruding, and these 'protuding' stomachs have nothing to do with a huge carb meal or two. No, their second-brain is informing them that something BIG is UP.

Pay attention. Remain aware. Stay centered and balanced and grounded no matter what.

Many of you write me requesting an appointment, and even though I'm honored, right now I'm unable to do so because of other commitments. Frankly, I have too much on my plate, and finding time to post is a luxury.

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Blogger recyclingtheinventionofthewheel said...

Basic astrological class 101 meanings for decades and centuries: Pluto = upheaval. Saturn = matters pertaining to the earth as well as structures. Saturn has been tightly square Pluto since late 2009: we have already had two major earthquakes causing significant (Plutonic) upheaval of the earth (Saturn) in Haiti (where Saturn square Pluto is hitting Haiti's Saturn) and in Chile this weekend. There is likely more to come during this continuing Saturn Pluto square. Hope everyone will continue to send donations to Haiti and Chile. Yele, Oxfam, UNESCO and especially grass roots Haitian women orgs who know the needs of Haitian people the best. The tragedy of earthquakes has a lot to do with lack of proper earthquake design, a legacy of sanctions, colonialism & sanctions against Haiti for having the audacity to be the result of the first successful slave revolt in the western hemisphere. Undercover and overt US support for Haiti's dictators continued to rob the country blind, and Pluto (the archetype of the underworld) has been digging all this rot up for the greater world to see following the devastation of the earthquake. Saturn Pluto has everything to do with analysis and destruction of structures, physically and symbolically, and slow moving bureaucratic resistance to change. (Healthcare debates.) Plutocracy (Pluto) of insurance companies verses Government (Saturn), also to do with psychological (pluto) fear (saturn) tactics and on and on. Saturn Pluto conjunction, Second World War destruction and reconstruction mid to late forties; Saturn Pluto opposition, 911 attacks & weapons of mass destruction hysteria 2001-2002 period more or less. Pluto Saturn is also concerned with struggle against slavery & racial profiling. (Pluto seeks autonomy; Saturn has to do with "the skin, bones, teeth..." and presumably skin color. Saturn is also the planet of justice and long suffering for justice. Pluto is undercover and challenges justice when at its lowest. Pluto Saturn aspects often have to do with underground plans (Pluto) for nuclear (Pluto) plant structures (saturn) and weapons subsidized by government (saturn), and on and on.

A quick read thru history will give anyone the feel of saturn pluto.
Rough dates:

Full (opposition) Sep 30 1834 New (conjunction) Jun 6, 1851 - Feb 9, 1852 Full (opposition) Nov 1 1866 New (conjunction) May 22 1883 Full (opposition) Dec 6 1898 New (conjunction) Oct 4, 1914 - May 19, 1915 Full (opposition) Feb 17, 1931 - Dec 13, 1931 New (conjunction) Aug 10 1947 Full (opposition) Apr 23, 1965 - Feb 19, 1966 New (conjunction) Nov 7 1982 Full (opposition) Aug 5, 2001 – May 25 2002

February 28, 2010  
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Anonymous Jennievictorian said...

I really love to read this astrological events, dealing with the Saturn and other planets. I'm really inspired by these principles you live by, they are so like nuggets of wisdom found in Scripture. With these principles as your foundation of astrology, the sky isn't your limit but the galaxies in outer space. Ayekoo!!!

November 01, 2010  
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