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Moonlight Becomes Me: July 2009

Moonlight Becomes Me

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blog Your Blessings Sundays---Kuan Yin

This is ONLY the second blog post I've made on any of my blogs since returning from my travels in Asia this Spring and early Summer. When I returned, I had zero desire to blog, and it's taken me awhile to get back into posting again.

However, now that I've processed my journey, I'd love to share one of my blessings, and this involves receiving a very special blessing in Beijing, China. This story involves Kuan Yin, and for those who've read my posts, they'll recall I have a very special connection with Kuan Yin.

Kuan Yin is also spelled Quan Yin, Guan Yin, and Kwan Yin. I prefer 'Kuan Yin' because it most resonates with me.

Ok, back to the Blessing:

I was in Beijing, China and very much wanted to visit a Kuan Yin temple. Before leaving for the trip, I googled and searched the net for such a temple, but I couldn't find one. So when I arrived at our hotel in Beijing, I asked our concierge to help me. She tracked down the oldest Buddhist temple in Beijing which honors Kuan Yin. She offered to take me there (along with others in my group), and off we went.

Upon arriving at the temple, I spied a small gift shop, and when I went into it, there were hundreds of Kuan Yin statues of all types and sizes. After deliberating for awhile, I decided to buy a small metal one which would be easily packable and unbreakable. I already have many Kuan Yin statue's in my Maui home, but I wanted another from this very special temple.

After I purchased it--to my great surprise and BLESSING--the concierge ( who was also translating for me) arranged to have my newly purchased Kuan Yin statue blessed by one of the resident monks! The ceremony he performed was powerful, and I felt chicken-skin as he conducted the ceremony with his long fingers and hands twisting into various mudras. The energy was so strong and loving. He wrote mantras on red papers which he then cut out in designs and attached them to the bottom of the statue as well behind the head of the statue. For the remainder of the trip I hand-carried this statue with me.

Na Mo Kuan Shih Yin Pu Sa

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