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Moonlight Becomes Me: Blog Your Blessings Sunday--Eucalpytus High

Moonlight Becomes Me

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Blog Your Blessings Sunday--Eucalpytus High

Recently we took a hike through a grove of eucalyptus trees high on the slopes of Haleakala. The fragrance of eucalyptus was highly intoxicating, and we became high from this beautiful smell and energy from the trees.

Eucalyptus trees are an incredible blessing. It is said that if you sit with your back to an eucalyptus tree, you can easily send a telepathic message to the dolphin kingdom. Eucalyptus are native to Australia, and they've been extensively planted throughout Hawaii. There are medicinal uses of eucalyptus as well. Click here to read them.

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Blogger SandyCarlson said...

I would love to smell the natural smell of this plant. I see it only in craft stores around. Must be really something.

February 08, 2009  
Blogger PERBS said...

And such a beautiful tall tree too! I could almsot smell it! Ü Glad I checked back as you didn't have this post up when I checked earlier.

February 08, 2009  
Anonymous selena said...

I think its really good to see how one can send telepathic message to the dolphin with using the tall and beautiful tree.

February 11, 2009  
Anonymous Sassy said...

Very Cool Post! The eucalyptus is one of the more intriguing and controversial trees out there -- people can't seem to agree on the use or uselessness of it. On one hand it has a very invasive root system that is adept at diverting most water in an area for its own growth and health, leaving other trees out to dry (pardon the pun). On the other hand, the same root system is fantastic for draining swampy marshland. I think the nectar of some trees also produce a type of honey, as well as the oil from leaves can be turned into soap and food additives, etc. Anyway, cool post. Lovely tree, and glad you got to experience it in such abundance.

February 12, 2009  

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