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Moonlight Becomes Me: Saturn Is Closing In On My Sun

Moonlight Becomes Me

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Saturn Is Closing In On My Sun

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For the past week I've been fighting off a cold which began with a raw throat. I immediately began gargling with hot sea salt water, and this helped. But then this sore throat insisted on returning, and so I applied more remedies as the days rolled by. Yesterday I awoke with laryngitis, and I could only whisper. Thus, I spent my whole day *listening* which really was quite nice for a change--just nodding, pointing, and writing.

Ironically, it seemed everyone wanted to communicate with me on the day when I wasn't really up to it--at least, not in a verbal way. Here's my Astrodienst for yesterday: "Quite frequently this influence indicates one of those days when the telephone never seems to stop ringing. It seems as if everyone wants to get in touch with you, and you have to contact many people too. Important communications from others may very well come by mail, telephone or personal conversation. And you will speak your mind with everyone. It is very important with this influence to let people know exactly where you stand on every issue. Your honesty and forthrightness in what you say will command the respect of others."

And even though I would've liked to have spoken my mind and communicated, I could ONLY write my mind!

Here's my astro explanation for what's going on: my Natal Sun is in my 6th house of health, and transiting Saturn is slowly closing in on a conjunction with this Natal Sun. In my Natal (or birth chart), my Sun at 22 degrees Virgo was closely squared by BOTH the Moon and Uranus , and so I'm getting triggered by this transit!

Perhaps it's time for me to release and roar my Primal Scream?!

"One true self speaks to another, using the language of the heart,
and in that bond a person is healed." Deepak Chopra

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Blogger CyberCelt said...

Saturn is an evil planet. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

November 23, 2008  

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