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Moonlight Becomes Me: Where Do We Go From Here?

Moonlight Becomes Me

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Where Do We Go From Here?

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I'm a haphazard poster on this blog--my mostly astrology blog. The reason being is that I'm such a curious cat--I'm usually researching something, reading, posting on another blog, writing, traveling, consulting, creating art, and so on and so forth.

Constraint doesn't work for me. Haphazard and occasional does. I'm way more Uranian than Saturnian.

I'll use MYSELF as the subject of the current astro Saturn-Uranus opposition. Yeh, everyone has this opposition, and it's impacting us all for some time.

Transiting Uranus in the 12th House opposses my Natal Saturn in the 6th house, and the challenge is clear. The 6th house rules health (among other things), and the 12th house rules hospitals and secrets (among other things).

Because of health issues, I discovered someone online (Uranus--computers) who has been able to connect the dots for me.The revelations have been very healing for me and will undoubtedly assist in clearing my health issues.

The Saturn Opposite Uranus aspect tells me the lure is to to use eccentric, unusual methods to deal with my health issues. I'm using 'outside-the-box' methods for healing. I'm grateful for the internet which allowed me to discover these healing modalities and people. Who knew there were so many alternatives to allopathic medicine?!

These secret health remedies and people might have been hidden from me in another time, but now, Saturn (the old guard of medicine) can't keep them from me as long as my fingers can type, and I have energy to research.

Saturn is the Old Guard (the established medical and pharmaceutical) and Uranus is the Wild Genius (new technologies, inventions and approaches). These two are battling it out. Who will win?

How about you? Are you dealing with a situation in your life where the Old is battling with the New? How are you handling this? Are you daring to bet on the New? Or are you sticking to what is secure and stable (Saturn)? You can do a bit of both--it's not all black and white, either-or!

What would you like to let go of but may be afraid? What do you stand to lose? Where can you be more radical and daring? What is your bottom line should your home/world come tumbling down? Where are your true resources?

What would you do if the world paradigm surprisingly, suddenly changed (Uranus)? Would you be traumatized and pine for the old paradigm (Saturn)?

" I am no longer what I was; I will remain what I have become" ~ Coco Chanel

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