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Moonlight Becomes Me: When Venus Meets Pluto

Moonlight Becomes Me

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

When Venus Meets Pluto

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As I was working on an astro chart for a client yesterday, one of her astrocartography crossings jumped out at me! And I knew this crossing was q big part of Her Story.

She's never had 'luck' in love. And even though relationships are challenging for the luckiest of us, when you live with a Venus/Pluto astrocartography crossing, maintaining a loving relationship without quarreling and other yukky stuff is SUPER challenging.

I know whereof I speak, for many long years I too lived in such an astrocartography climate, and recently when I re-visited this area on vacation, once again I discovered myself becoming a 'spitfire' which is not normally the way I behave in my current relationship!

What can one do to mitigate this challenging Venus/Pluto? What worked for me was becoming aware in the moment. After 'acting-out', I realized my behavior was not something I wished to incorporate and wasn't 'me'. I didn't wish to claim or embody this energy, nor did I wish to incorporate it into my relationship. So I let it go.

Choose NOT to react. Choose to let go your anger. Choose not to engage in a quarrel.

Not easy, but it can be done.

Here's what Astrodienst writes about this crossing:

This crossing focuses entirely on the area of interpersonal relations. Love, partnership and sexuality are the key issues and become the touchstones of trust and commitment.

You have great sensual appeal. Meetings with people are shaped by the intensity of your erotic fantasies. In this place, you are seduced by the appeal of the forbidden and the extreme. Common sense and carefulness are overcome by sexual urges.

Affairs or secret liaisons are difficult to hide in this place. There may be relationship crises, accompanied by loud discussions, accusations and petty property claims. If you are not to risk upsetting the basis of your marriage or partnership, you are challenged to rearrange your relationship, abandon old concepts and calmly overcome your fear of being alone.


The key words in the above (for me) are "relationship crises". Oh yeh!

"Life is the sum of your choices." - Albert Camus

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Blogger MaryMary said...

Hi I saw your imput about this crossing and I wanted to ask you what you thought about the last line : "If you are not to risk upsetting the basis of your marriage or partnership, you are challenged to rearrange your relationship, abandon old concepts and calmly overcome your fear of being alone." I just happen to live in Maui too and I have this crossing but have so many power lines running thru Maui(7)I really didn't pay too much attention to this til now. But after 7 1/2 yrs here I have had THE worst luck in relationships!!! The end result is I am always alone, which is what the last line says... ANd I always had great relationships on the mainland. I have tried everything... I understand what you say about spitfire... but even when I try to tone it down which is hard, there is still an energy that emminates from me that people can read or feel. Sure I can hold back my feelings, but after a while in a relationship I feel by not expressing them I am being taken advantage of or not being honored. In the place you were with this crossing did it EVER work out for you in a relationship? for any length of time? How about your friend? For me it's been terrible and I am starting to get so used to this way of being I think I am losing my slef worth. I am a libra sun and cancer moon...I really need relationships.... love... a man. I am considering moving for this reason predominantly. Please get back to me.

January 20, 2010  
Blogger Kuanyin Moi said...

Aloha MaryMary & mahalo for your comment. I understand your frustration! It takes much awareness and restraint NOT to be reactive in such a zone, and my experience has shown me that this kind of astro environment is far too *testing* for me, and thus, I wouldn't choose to live in this area again. With that said and referencing that you live on Maui and knowing the relationship woes of many of my single women friends, I would suggesst it might be time to contemplate a change. IMHO, here are two excellent astrocartography experts: Julian Lee ( and Moses Siregar (

January 21, 2010  

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