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Moonlight Becomes Me: The Energies Of The Leo Solar Eclipse

Moonlight Becomes Me

Shedding New Light on the MOON and astrology

Friday, August 01, 2008

The Energies Of The Leo Solar Eclipse

Art courtesy of Love Peace Happiness

As I've been 'following' the astro charts of those I know with placements in Leo and Aquarius, I wanted to wait until the Solar Eclipse day was half-way through before posting today. Eclipses (so it is said) have a two-week window on each side of them, so by waiting until late in the day, I don't know what I expected to hear. Thus far, I've not heard or observed anything out-of-the-ordinary about those with placements possibly triggered by this eclipse.

None of my Leo or Aquarian guinea pigs/humans have gone bonkers or experienced anything traumatic or dramatic.

The generation of Baby Boomers with Pluto in Leo could also be impacted by this Solar Eclipse. I'm fascinated by what is happening in these intense times and how others will respond.

"The things that happen to us do not matter; what we become through them does." Sri Gyanamata

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Blogger TorAa said...

Solar Eclipses are fascinating and brings, at least me and the Birds and animals into a very special mood.

The illustration is fantastic

August 06, 2008  
Anonymous CyberCelt said...

My post today is on Perseid meteor shower. I am always impressed by celestial events. Have a great week.

August 10, 2008  

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