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Moonlight Becomes Me: New Moon in Taurus

Moonlight Becomes Me

Shedding New Light on the MOON and astrology

Monday, May 05, 2008

New Moon in Taurus

Photo: terragalleria

Isn't it interesting that the Taurus New Moon falls on Cinco de Mayo this year? Since Taurus Moon's signify creature comforts, and since many people like to party on Cinco de Mayo, I imagine restaurants will be spilling over with patrons eager to eat, drink, and make merry today! We certainly plan to!

The Taurus New Moon's promote fertility, and with Venus in Taurus, this is a great time to conceive if one is so inclined.

Also with Chiron, North Node, and Neptune conjunct (close together), one is given a free pass and power to travel the alternate dimensions, create mystical art, and dream NEW dreams.

"Poetry is the journal of a sea animal living on land, wanting to fly in the SKY!"
Carl Sandburg

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