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Moonlight Becomes Me: In The Beginning

Moonlight Becomes Me

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Friday, May 16, 2008

In The Beginning

When I first began studying astrology back in the dark ages, these were the first two books I purchased along with the Zodiacal Indicator Wheel. While cleaning out my office of the ancient books I've collected through the years, I decided to post about these books as they were my initial source of inspiration.

You can see that the big blue book on the top, the "A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator" has been lovingly chewed on, and this corner reminds me of my long gone, sweet companion Dratzel, a cockapoo. He loved to chew on this book as he saw me studying it a lot, and thus, he probably figured he would get even with the competition for his attention.

I purchased this book from the Church of Light in downtown Los Angeles, a very interesting place with bright purple carpets. It was written by Llewellyn George, and the price tag penciled in the upper right hand corner says I purchased it for $12.30. Doesn't that 30 cents seem very odd now in 2008? I purchased the 19th edition. Wow!

Perhaps it was the opening paragraph that so captured my attention:

"Now that the New Era is at hand--the dawning of the Aquarius Age--thousands under the general title of Advanced Thought are beginning to respond actively to the influence of "the water bearer," and because this advance guard of the Army of Truth and Peace requires insight to the mysteries of Nature in order to best promote their cause of enlightenment, we take this opportunity to present for consideration and study the highests of all sciences, astrology. Highest, because when rightly understood, it opens the way clearly to an understanding of the manifestations of Nature through human and mundane affairs."

The second book photographed above, "Heaven Knows What" by Grant Lewi was my second introduction to astrology. It was a basic book which helped newbies like me cast a horoscope plus it gave interpretive paragraphs about aspects, and in the back of the book were horoscope blanks. This one managed to escape the teeth of my beloved dog.

The third item was used for determing the rising sign and was published by the Esoteric Fraternity. It's still in working order, but I haven't used it since a zillion years. Who uses these kind of devices anymore? But it sure helped me WAY BACK THEN!

"We must dare to be ourselves,
no matter how odd
that self may prove to be."
- May Sarton

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Blogger DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

There is a VERY good bookstore in Toronto... a used book store on one of the main streets here that specializes in "hard to get" esoteric books ranging from Astrology to Wicca... and all points in between... and a while back, I snagged a first edition of a Harry Price book on ghosts with a "sticker" price of ten pence... for four dollars... and it's worth probably closer to twenty dollars... I love those kind of finds!

I know, I know... I'm VERY early for BYB... but it's a long weekend and I have plans that may take me away from the computer for a while so I wanted to "check in" and say hello!

May 18, 2008  

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