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Moonlight Becomes Me

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

One of the great treats I feel extremely blessed by is the bird chorus I hear in the mornings. Before sunrise around our home and in our neighborhood, the tropical birds sing the most beautiful songs--and loudly! I like to lie in bed and listen to their songs and count my blessings.

"A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song." Chinese Proverb

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Smiles there is nothing better than waking to birdsong.

Happy BYB Sunday

January 20, 2008  
Blogger Paulie said...

And that blessing is right under your "nose"!!!!!!! How beautiful is that! Happy BYB Sunday.

January 20, 2008  
Blogger Penelope Anne said...

Birdsong is a beautiful wakeup call.
Very nice blessing, this is my first BYBS.

January 20, 2008  
Anonymous CyberCelt said...

I love the nature sounds around my home: the wailing of lawnmowers, the shrieking sounds of children at play, the chorus of neighborhood dogs . . .

These things make me realize I am alive one more day. That is always a good thing.

We do get birdsong, too. They have problem competing with the other sounds. I am changing the environment to encourage them.

January 20, 2008  
Blogger Sue said...

They are wonderful! We have a budgie, and even his early morning song makes me smile :)

January 20, 2008  
Blogger hotdogman said...

Sometimes they're up a tad early for me, but I like the birds' music too.

January 20, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome. There is nothing better; you're right! I guess you get to hear them year round? Up here, the only bird on speaking terms with winter is the almighty crow. He announces the end of each snowfall. Less a song than an alarm, it's still nice! Great blessing. God bless.

January 20, 2008  

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