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Moonlight Becomes Me: My Martian Wake-Up Call

Moonlight Becomes Me

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Martian Wake-Up Call

Photo: Charles Pfeil

Transiting Mars is now applying to my natal Mars--my Mars Return--which I've written about before in a prior post. And OUCH--am I ever getting a dose of this applying Mars!

Like many other astrologers, I feel an applying aspect is stronger and more significant than a separating aspect because the applying aspect offers a more pressing challenge for the person than a waning aspect which isn't as critical, more of a waning issue in a person's life.

So I'm just a couple of degrees away now, and here's what has already happened to me:

I pinched a nerve in my back or inflammed a muscle group by doing too many crunches which resulted in me needing serious inflammation help from my masseuse and various other modalities like EFT, creams, etc. This pain lasted several days, and it's now (mostly) gone, but hey, this pain was a bitch! I'm so grateful for my masseuse with her loving hands, the hot rocks, pain meds, and EFT!

So today I'm hanging something on the wall (high up), and after successfully hanging it, I didn't compute the leg room to move back down, and I took a fall and landed on my hip. That's when the bells when off, and I told myself, "Ok, get it! Leave off the physical stuff for the time being! Just leave it alone until Mars has separated from this Mars Return! Wake up!" So I woke-up and am going to be a lazy girl until at least the 7th of October. I have a very good alibi, don't you think?

"Gravity is a contributing factor in nearly 73 percent of all accidents involving falling objects." Dave Barry

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Anonymous Gen said...

Interesting, you may want to blog about EFT( so more readers can understand) and always love Dave Barry!

October 04, 2007  

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