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Moonlight Becomes Me: Full Lunar Eclipse On Maui

Moonlight Becomes Me

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Full Lunar Eclipse On Maui

Photo: Charles Pfeil

Last night I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning observing the Full Lunar Eclipse which began at different times according to different sources, but close to midnight more or less. Since I had stayed up late the night before at a party, I was really pushing it to remain awake for a view of this eclipse. My partner crashed at 9 PM. There was zero Red Bull in the house, and so I had to call upon my angels and will power to remain awake.

However, once the slow blackening of the moon began, I was riveted to my chair by this spectacular show even if the show was a 90 minute slo-mo-show! None of my photos came out good enough to post, and had I read this, maybe they would have. Oh well! Next!

Various people describe the moon during a total lunar eclipse as blood-red or bright orange, but these aren't the colors I witnessed. I would describe the moon in Full Eclipse as a muddy orange with a faint outline of whitish light in one corner and a darker orange shadow on another side. The colors aren't what was impressive to me. It was the mystical vibe. Sitting outside on a warm Maui night and observing the Full Moon darken was intensely exciting.

I have to post about this Total Lunar Eclipse as the eclipse degree of 4+ degrees Virgo/Pisces impacted my Natal Mercury (the planet of communications) at 7 degrees Virgo in my 6th House of work! What more this total lunar eclipse will mean to me will be revealed in time I suppose!

Reading the profound astrology report about this eclipse from Planet Waves,"One dominant theme of this eclipse is about family relationships: the model we inherit from our parents, and which goes back about three generations. This is a theme of the minor planet Pholus (a centaur planet, much like Chiron), which is prominent in this chart. Pholus speaks of an emotional release: a release from those models, and into a new reality--sometimes with breathtaking speed." Read the full report from the link I gave you for a break-down of the eclipse in astro terms.

So keep reading this blog to see the results! :Smile:

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Anonymous Gen said...

Thanks for sharing, very interesting!

August 29, 2007  
Blogger Sandy Carlson said...

How interesting. I wonder if being in different parts of the world affects the colors we see. Thanks for the link re photographing the thing. I'll go there next. I was a slug and rolled over when the clock went off. I wish I hadn't, though your vivid description brings it to me!

August 31, 2007  

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