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Moonlight Becomes Me: Actualizing With Lilith

Moonlight Becomes Me

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Actualizing With Lilith

Photo: Charles Pfeil

As a student of astrology, I'm always learning something new. Since the study and mastery of astrology could take anyone a lifetime, if I only learn a few new things daily, I'm cool with my slow and steady pace.

Yesterday I learned about Black Moon Lilith because I noticed that the transiting Black Moon Lilith is now conjunct my natal Black Moon Lilith. What does this conjunction mean I pondered? So I began my online research where I discovered some great links and information about Lilith.

First of all, there are THREE Lilith's, but the one most commonly used is the Apogee (Black Moon) Lilith. It's symbol is the crescent moon over a cross. Lilith has an impact on relationship dynamics and describes how & where we delete our delusions and actualize our true selves.

Here is some of the info I found about Lilith.

"Apogee Lilith is believed to be a point of instinctive and emotional intelligence, whereby individuals can gain contact with and feel their inner heartfelt truths and soul longings and passions. Since at Lilith the Moon is more distant from the Earth than usual, the Sun gains relative prominence, and Lilith is also associated with the unveiling of illusions, the illumination of self-defeating behaviour patterns, the exorcism of self-centred desires, and the coming into closer contact with Earth wisdom. A strongly placed Lilith favours art, creativity, detachment from social norms, emotional sensitivity and vulnerability, an uncompromising will, and unconventional relationships. Natal apogee Lilith retrograde is thought to offer past life indications judged by its sign and house placement."

Read more of the above about Lilith at this location.

This Lilith In The Signs site gives information about Lilith in the signs and houses.

"To be one, to be united is a great thing. But to respect the right to be different is maybe even greater." Bono - U2

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