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Moonlight Becomes Me: Chart Rectification and Timing

Moonlight Becomes Me

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Chart Rectification and Timing

Photo: Charles Pfeil

I've read that chart rectification is an varied as the astrologer rectifying a chart. For those that don't know what rectification is, here's my simple explanation:

If you don't know what time you were born (and a lot of people don't for one reason or another), an astrologer will ask you many questions about your life and then determine what time of the day you were born. When I had this experience with an astrologer, the questioning process lasted several hours. However, I've witnessed a famous Vedic astrologer doing a chart rectification for someone else, and it didn't take anymore than thirty minutes before the the birth time was announced.

Here's an excellent article about chart rectification.

When the astrologer who rectified my chart was finished, he knew how many sisters my current partner has and so forth. I was impressed!

However, since I'm the kind of person who likes to be absolutely 'sure' and to 'see' for myself, I've been following my transits and progressions since I had my chart rectification done several years ago. It's also interesting for me to observe and study my close friends and family with their transits and progressions.

All of the above was a preamble to the fact that I didn't win any lotteries or have any email (other than spam mail telling me I've won jillions of dollars!) notifying me of an unexpected windfall yesterday! No honors were bestowed upon me, and none of my blogs were signaled out for praise. Nothing unexpected happened, and I had zero surprises. (Read yesterday's post to understand what I write.)

Does this mean the astrologer didn't get my birth time right? Or does it mean that I misinterpreted the symbolism of the aspects? Or maybe the 'surprising' news is going to come when I least expect it? If nothing else, with Uranus sitting so very long on my Ascendant, I would think SOMETHING will happen in the outer world! Certainly a lot is transpiring in my INNER world.

"Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise." Alice Walker

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