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Moonlight Becomes Me: Full Moon in Scorpio and Wesak

Moonlight Becomes Me

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Full Moon in Scorpio and Wesak

Photo: Flickr

The Spring Festival of Wesak which celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha happens today or tomorrow depending upon where you're located. Wesak happens every year at the first Full Moon in May, and millions of Buddhists and Lightworkers celebrate this festival in temples, homes, and public gatherings.

Wesak is so named because it's the name of the Hindu month in which Buddha Shakyamuni was born. His other name is Siddhartha. Buddha also left his body on the Wesak Full Moon 45 years later. This year the Wesak Full Moon will occur at 11 degrees 38 minutes Scorpio, and the Sun will be in the exact same degree in Taurus.

The Sabian Symbol for 12 Degree Scorpio is "A full dress embassy ball". There are as many interpretations of symbols as there are people, so you can interpret this degree symbol as you choose. Here's my interpretation: this symbol sounds formal. It says to me come dressed in your most spiritual party clothes--be sure to bring along your Lower Self, Middle Self and Higher Self (Full Dress). Prepare to meet the Adepts for embassies are where you meet the ambassadors from many countries (spiritual adepts).

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Anonymous BIG scott said...

Great information, I have never heard about that yet, very interesting post.

May 02, 2007  

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