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Moonlight Becomes Me: What Was Richard Gere Thinking As He Was Kissing Shilpa?

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Friday, April 27, 2007

What Was Richard Gere Thinking As He Was Kissing Shilpa?

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One of the teachings of the Dalai Lama is to investigate the truth and not take things at face value. While speaking in Maui recently, he used the metaphor of a beautiful flower which could be highly poisonous. The Dalai Lama urges people to look beyond the 'conventional'. And so today I decided to do a little online research into the recent and highly controversial news about Richard Gere kissing Shilpa. Read the full story here.

If you have merely watched television playback of this event, it looks for all the world as if Richard Gere is groping poor Shilpa on stage. HOWEVER, the truth of the matter (if you read the link I gave you above) is that Richard Gere was speaking to a large group of Indian truckers about Aids Awareness and the use of condoms. What is NOT being included by the media is this fact! My partner remarked as we were watching the television replay of this event that something isn't right, and that Richard is "acting out of character". More to the truth of the matter, I think this whole uproar is media hype! His audience of the Indian truckers cheered him, and the event was a huge success. Gere was trying to perform a good deed (albeit with too much ebullience for the Indian sensibilities) and spoke about Aids awareness and safe sex-- and now he is being vilified by some (not all!) Indians!

The latest news is that an Indian court has issued warrants against Shilpa Shetty (the famous Indian actress on stage receiving the kisses) and Richard Gere. How retarded is this news?! Just when you think things can't get any more stupid, a new level of stooopid is achieved!

How did Gere, a family man with a respectable reputation and known as an activist for good causes and ardent Buddhist, stumble into this crazy cosmic set-up?

Richard Gere's birth data is listed as August 31, 1949 (time unknown) in Philadelphia, PA. Like me, he has his Sun in Virgo and Moon in Sagittarius. On the date he was kissing Shilpa in front of the Indian truckers, Saturn was still transiting his natal Pluto, but my guess is that Jupiter transiting within orb of his natal Moon might have given him an extra burst of zippy enthusiasm and this is why his hand accidentally slid down to Shilpa's butt. Entertainers are also known to play to the crowd, and after all, his audience was truckers and the subject matter was sex!

Since his birth time is unknown, I have picked noon on the day of his birth to set up a chart for him and nose around as to what his astrocartography says: New Delhi, the location of his onstage hijinks, is right between his Mars in his IC (or fourth house of home) and Jupiter on the Midheaven and tenth house (career and world stage). Yup, a perfect set-up with Mars suggesting difficult dealings with authority figures and controversies while Jupiter interprets his actions as world shaking news. Of course, you might want to consider that Gere has a crossing of Uranus with his Moon's Nodes in this latitude as well.

Gere had just left a spiritual conference in Dharamasala, so I seriously doubt he was looking to make any hanky-panky. This whole story from beginning to end reeks of over-reaction! Of course, good old transiting Mars is still applying to Uranus for all of us, so look out for continued explosive news! So I guess Richard got tagged to be "It" this particular time. Oh well! Who's next?

This story brings to mind the famous quote,

"No good deed goes unpunished. "
Clare Boothe Luce

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Blogger Sandy Carlson said...

Nice post. I wonder if public figures like Gere walk into these things knowing they will create a stir that they might turn it into education. Look what your post did for me! It's sad, though, how many people are quick to bare their fangs.

April 28, 2007  

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