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Moonlight Becomes Me: Jupiter Turns Retrograde, And I Turn Reflective

Moonlight Becomes Me

Shedding New Light on the MOON and astrology

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Jupiter Turns Retrograde, And I Turn Reflective

With Jupiter going retrograde today, I have also gone retro. I put on my retro clothes, retro music, and am reflecting on the many trails I have gone down in my life. With a natal Sag Moon, you know I've gone down a lot. This past year... beginning about last May... I committed myself to blogging with a passion. Today my Numero Uno blog & my most senior blog, Who's Yo Mama, hit a milemarker: 300 posts and 3 years under her belt!

Giving her lots of "lurv" this past year, Great Spirit/God/The Is-ness has granted her enough links to qualify as an "A" blog! Oh, I put a LOT of hours into this as well! And that's why I am glum today--I have partnered with Spirit to create a beautiful blog, and yet on her birthday of 300 posts, I'm not receiving that many comments and congratulations! Sigh! I know the stats for this blog as I can see she receives a LOT of visitors every day, but it's not easy to get others to comment. Why is this? I see a lot of great blogs with hardly any comments, and I always ask myself why! Is it in the stars? Did they natalize their blog at a bad time for communication? Why isn't anyone commenting on such a great blog?! Do blogs need to be feng shui'd just like homes? I actually emailed a feng shui expert this question, but I have yet to hear back with a response. Can one shift their previous posts over to a better natalization moment with a new name for a blog?

I'm asking myself as I've asked myself a lot this year: is the hours spent blogging worth it? Is blogging just a superficial pursuit? What is the point?! Maybe I should just hang-it up and write my final Happy Trails post as so many have recently been doing considering the opposition they have met!

You see what happens when I begin asking questions....

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Anonymous Basha said...

Dear One, As the moon goes into this reflective time in Sag,my home planet,as well as Jupiter turns retro ,I too am feeling the need to weave a cacoon all around me. I want to congradulate you on the dedication and all the precious moments you have given to me as well as to other beloved children of God. I have had the good fortune of knowing you personally for over 16 years now. I know the beautiful and caring soul you are. Whatever you are called to do it authentically ,as you know that is the way we ought to Be.I Am so proud of you dear friend, I love You .rubs and purrs... Basha

April 07, 2007  
Blogger stev said...

Re: Comments

I have pondered upon that as well with a blogger friend or two

It may be because of many reasons but the most common would be the need to engage the audience, try asking questions, building a community around one's blog & it also depends on how would an average blog reader comment on on reading a post

there are definitely a proliferation of blogs out there, and most would only respond if you do the same for them, if they know you in real-life, or what you write strikes a chord within them

people blog for many reasons & that as well is definitely something interesting that many a blogger has explored

April 08, 2007  

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