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Moonlight Becomes Me: Control And Relationships

Moonlight Becomes Me

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Control And Relationships

Photo: Charles Pfeil

Even though I never completed the arduous certification process of Magi Astrology, I enjoy studying their material and reading their updates. I purchased their software many years ago, and I have a very high opinion of their astrological theories and information.

One of their recent updates interested me because Britney Spears seems to be constantly in the spotlight, and like many others, I have wondered what is going on with her, her relationship to Kevin Federline, and her children. This article on Magi Astrology titled "The Astrology of Control....Why One Person Has Control Over Another" was very interesting to me, and so I point it out to you today....just in case you have scratched your head and wondered about these two as well!

"Control your destiny or somebody else will." Jack Welsh

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