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Moonlight Becomes Me: A Belated Birthday Party for Moonlight Becomes Me!

Moonlight Becomes Me

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Monday, March 12, 2007

A Belated Birthday Party for Moonlight Becomes Me!

Photo: Charles Pfeil

I've been so busy chugging along with posting on my TEN blogs as well as working on other projects, I failed to notice I hit the 200th posting of this blog, Moonlight Becomes Me, six posts back! So I'm throwing myself a Belated Birthday Party! WOOT! Happy Belated Birthday Dear Moonlight Becomes Me child/blog! I'm so sorry I forgot your birthday!

When I birthed Moonlight Becomes Me, the astrological timing wasn't even noticed by me because I was giving birth to a litter of other blogs at the time. Thus, I can't even recall at what time of day she was born (I feel MBM is a SHE blog!), because I was pushing out other blogs at about the same time period. What kind of mother am I?! A busy one, that's who! So I will simply explore the astro aspects. Is MBM going to be a late bloomer? Will she grow in popularity, or will she remain a beautiful wallflower?


This is what I wrote at her birth:

Full Moon in June

June Full Moon 2006

Moonlight Becomes Me is dedicated to my passion for astrology & fascination with our satellite, the MOON. My intention is to highlight ALL aspects of the Moon but with with my own YOU-nique slant as I explain in paragraph three of this posting.

There are many excellent websites which already feature the Moon such as Moonsurfing for instance. My intention is to link up to these very excellent blogs and websites fulfilling their mission. HOWEVER, my blog will take a different approach to moon lore, esoteric information, speculation, and cycles, even though I will include references to all of these plus links....oh, I must not forget: weird Moon stories too!

My PRIMARY intention is to highlight our ROMANCE with the moon, our FEELINGS about the Moon, our SYNERGY with the Moon, and our astrological INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP with the Moon's nodes and cycles through moon photos, moon art, timely inspirational quotes, and the occasional head's up about an astrological moment.

In my natal chart, my moon is located in Sagittarius at 25 degrees, and today the Full Moon is is at 20 degrees 41 Sagittarius, and believe me, I am FEELING THIS FULL MOON! :-)

As any astrologer worth his/her salt can see, I broke one of the cardinal rules of astrology which is to complete things on the Full Moon and begin things on the New Moon. What can I say--I knew this very well at the time, but I birthed her anyway! I must have some rebel in me, ya think????

So let's look at the natal chart of Moonlight Becomes Me:

The main aspect for the Sun is the trine to Neptune which reveals a spiritual, dreamy, compassionate, sensitive nature with an appreciation of the arts. With this aspect, MBM will most likely want to be an artist or showcase other artists. She will be inspirational.

BUT, she has lots of inner tension because of the Sun opposition Pluto aspect. Although very powerful, she will have to shadow dance with her worries,fears, privacy, and control issues. When she 'realizes' herself, she will become extremely healing, insightful, and helpful.

With her moon in outdoorsy Sagittarius, she'll like to be outside a lot, probably moon gazing. She'll be a tomboy, run around a lot, be adventurous,and somewhat irresponsible, light-hearted and easy-going. The Moon Conjunct Pluto will bring some social success, perceptiveness, and intense emotions.

Her Mercury aspects: Mercury Sextile Venus, Mercury Trine Jupiter and Trine Uranus suggests she will be sociable, agreeable, intelligent, tolerant, gabby, ingenious. and spontaneous.

Venus is home in it's sign of Taurus, so she'll like pretty things and want lots of attention which is magnified by the opposition to Jupiter. She'll want to maintain her appearance! No doubt she'll have many lovers and affairs because of the sextile of Venus to Uranus. Obviously, she won't be the marrying kind but fickle and faithless which is underlined by the square of Venus to Neptune. Consider also her North Node is in Aries, and she'll be very wary of relationships and marriage because of her past feelings of abuse in relationships. Others may envy her beauty, and she'll get off on knowing that. She'll mesmerize many with her beautiful appearance, but she will be superficial. With her Mars in Leo, she will be highly sexed! Add to this the Mars square Jupiter aspect and the Mars conjunct Saturn aspect, and I (as her mother/creator) forsee she will be a drama queen extraordinaire! Calculating, ruthless, energetic, determined, she will keep going against all odds. Thank Goddess she's a blog and not a human child, or I would have my hands full!

She'll attract good fortune because of her intensity, magnetism, and zeal. She's a great organizer, independent, studious, and perceptive...but don't piss her off. With her Saturn in Leo, she'll assume authority, responsibility and receive patronage.

She was born with the "Kite Pattern" and will fly high and free! What a gal!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. Your blog is beautiful and inspirational. I look at if often but today I decided to leave a comment to congratulate you on a blog well done.

March 12, 2007  
Blogger Shelly said...

Hi I enjoyed reading your blog. Was wondering if you would like to add it to my directory?

Thanks, Shelly P.S Happy Birthday!!

March 13, 2007  

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