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Moonlight Becomes Me: New Moon in Aquarius Tomorrow

Moonlight Becomes Me

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Friday, February 16, 2007

New Moon in Aquarius Tomorrow

Photo: Flickr

Lately I've been hopping around other astrology blogs, subscribed to some more, and checked-in on what other astrobloggers are posting. Take Jeffrey Kishner's post where he writes about Saturday's New Moon in Aquarius,"I've never truly understood the sign of Aquarius." Well, that makes three of us--my daughter and me making up the other two as we both have Aquarius partners! Although there is a large difference in our partner's ages, they seem to have so many traits in common which baffle us. I've never been one who likes to generalize about the Sun signs, but hey....these Aquarians are certainly a breed unto themselves! My daughter and I compare notes a lot, and there are strong similarities. Despite years of observing and interacting with my partner, his ways are still a mystery to me.

For those lay people who have never had a chart done by a professional astrologer or have the money to pay for one right now, here is an excellent resource for you: Astrodienst. Their set-up is really easy to handle--it's free, but if you wish to upgrade for more, you can. They offer lots of free features (such as the personal daily astrology and astrocartography maps) that you should have fun playing around on their site for a long time.

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