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Moonlight Becomes Me: Another Year Rolls Around

Moonlight Becomes Me

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Year Rolls Around

"Age is nothing but experience, and some of us are more experienced than others" Andy Rooney

I have two beloveds with birthdays this month. One was born February 10th and the other February 20th. Yesterday I began work on their solar return charts, and from what I know of their lives, I can already see the NEW solar return chart impacting their lives. According to my handy-dandy reference book, "Planets in Solar Returns" (which is totally underlined and scribbled up!) by Mary Shea: "The symbolism of the new solar return can be felt as much as three months before the birthday by very intuitive people. Usually, at this time, one becomes aware of new directions, opportunities, and problems. Many times there is even an event exactly three months before the birthday which triggers awareness and signals the beginning of the new solar return. This event is usually very much related to the new solar return and very much out of context with the old one."

And here, she writes, "The main transitional month for the change from the old solar return to the new solar return is the month directly preceding the birthday."

Since I know these two beloveds so well, I can totally see what she writes!

She also writes, "The solar return chart is very simple to interpret and it is probably the easiest predictive technique to use." This is what I have discovered to.

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