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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

I have taken on the long overdue task of scanning-in all of my old travel photos through the last century. Well, not exactly a century, but it sure feels like it as it takes a long time to scan. My goal is to scan in at least 100 a day. I have a Slide account now,and I plan to put together slide shows for personal photos and my travel photos.

Since I've been a photo bug and a world traveler for many years, I have thousands and thousands of photos. Most of these photos were taken before I went digital, and thus, I am scanning them in. As I'm doing so, my heart has really been triggered by all the great memories of wondrous people, places, and opportunities I've had.

Here's a little astro information which is pertinent to this endeavour: Jupiter is squaring Uranus right now. Uranus represents the computer, internet and technology while Jupiter symbolizes travel, higher learning and publishing amongst other symbolisms. Jupiter is transiting through my 9th house of travel to Uranus in my first house. Thus, I will be sharing most of these photos via the net. Amazing isn't it how astrology works!

The photos I share with you today was taken at a holy ceremony in Rishikesh, India on a Full Moon night. The offerings and prayers are put on tiny boats made from banana leaves and floated out with candles on the Ganges River. It's an amazing, beautiful ceremony watching all these tiny little boats floating and twinkling down the Great Mother River of India and one that nourished me as a writer of the awakened heart.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow at your endeavor scanning in everything

and wow again at the journeys you have been blessed with thru your life :)

January 21, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Photos are indeed great blessings. They are like time machines that take you back you in time and leave you nostalgic.

I have always wanted to take pictures but for some reason, laziness being the top one, I havent been able to take a lot of them.

January 22, 2007  

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