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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

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As some of my fellow BYB Sunday kin are moving into Monday in their part of the world, I'm usually the LAST one to get my post up since I live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. My partner woke me at 6 AM so we could get a running start on our busy day. As usual we began our day with a cup of coffee and a jacuzzi on our back deck surrounded by greenery and very private. We have enjoyed this top-of-the-line large jacuzzi for many years (replaced several years ago by the latest model), and we keep our spa in top condition. Instead of chlorine, we use a product called "Le Naturel Spa" by Carefree Spa which advertises it has no chemicals, no odor, no irritation and no foam. This product is non-toxic and environmentally friendly too. What I like about Natural Spa is no testing is required which makes it a way easier product to use than chlorine which always requires tests! So every time we hop into our jacuzzi, we feel we aren't harming our body or the environment--WHAT A BLESSING! This is my first blessing to write about, and now...

Coffee. I am somewhat of a purist. I don't allow plastic to come near my coffee-making process, and thus I use a stainless steel French Press made by Starbucks. I prefer fresh-ground, non-sprayed, organic coffee made with pure water. Instead of cream loaded with toxic chemicals, we use natural almond milk (found in health food stores in boxes) which is alkaline and balances (somewhat) the acidity of coffee. WHAT A BLESSING to have delicious, good quality, easily and well-prepared coffee.

When I sit down in front of my computer, I am well-protected from harmful radiation through any number of means. I always wear my Tesla Philip Stein watch, a wonderful watch also favored by Oprah, Madonna, and quite a few other celebrities. It has a dual time face on it which is great for when you travel, and I wear the one with the rubber/plastic band because it's submersible as I'm in and out of water so much. Hanging from a chain are protective talismans and shields for the same purpose and others. WHAT A BLESSING to have discovered these great products which assist me.

My bath robe is pure 100 percent cotton. The sky outside is blue, the temperature is 62 degrees Fahrenhite, and the day will warm up to the 70's. I will be barefoot most of the day, and I will jump into sparkling blue ocean water soon with good friends as we laugh and play. These are just a few of the many, many blessings I share with you today. Have yourself a Blessed Sunday too!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many blessings for you this week then, I've recently bought a coffee percolator so am getting into drinking fresher coffee, I buy the fair trade ready ground.

I also like to have environmentally friendly products when I can for cleaning, I don't have a jacuzzi however, and I'm jealous of your 100% cotton bathrobe :).

January 14, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Ring is actually a stone called Jet, it's only found in 2 places in the world, Whitby in the North Of England and somewhere in France(can't remember where). So you call the stone "Whitby Jet". It was a fashionable stone in Victorian times as Queen Victoria wore black for the rest of her life after her husbands death, so black became really trendy. It's just like Onyx and obsidian in appearance though, not sure why it's called Jet, it must be something to do with it's chemical make up.

January 14, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As they say its better late than never and in fact you are not even late, its just the time difference.

Happy BYB Sunday and have a great week ahead!

January 14, 2007  
Anonymous msdemmie said...

Jaccuzi and coffee twice blessed - and I bet the weather is gorgeous too.

January 14, 2007  
Blogger Whatever said...

You start the day right! I am more into tea than coffee, dunno why really, but your description makes me think I should give coffee another try :-)

Have a great week!

January 14, 2007  

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