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Moonlight Becomes Me: Moon & Orbs & Blessings

Moonlight Becomes Me

Shedding New Light on the MOON and astrology

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Moon & Orbs & Blessings

Photo: Flickr

My blessings are many, and many of these blessings flow from other people whom I love receiving what they have been striving for, be it a new place to live, a partner, a divorce, or an opportunity. When my beloveds recount their blessings to me, I feel electrified and overjoyed. It's as if there is an instant transference from them to me of their blessings. This is how gratitude ripples out to others.

I'm reading a book about photographing the paranormal, and one of the best ways to attract orbs is to feel and express joy and gratitude. Joyous, grateful vibes draw the orbs to people and animals which are then photographed.

"Since day one of my research, I have heard that lunar cycles affect one's ability to photograph orbs. Magnetic fields are evidently stronger when a full moon is approaching. Others claim the best time is right before and after the full and new moons. The very day of the full moon, however, is nearly always a practically orbless day for myself and for others reporting on the Internet. There must be something to this moon business, but I haven't found what it is yet." From the book, "How To Photograph The Paranormal" by Leonore Sweet, Ph.D.

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