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Moonlight Becomes Me: Finally....I Post About Astrology!

Moonlight Becomes Me

Shedding New Light on the MOON and astrology

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Finally....I Post About Astrology!

When I originally began this blog, my intention was to make regular posts about astrology. However, as it turned out, I began giving birth to a litter of other blogs which took up a lot of my time, and thus this blog turned more into a quote & moon photo blog with ocassional references to moon books and stories. PLUS learning html, creating a sidebar with links, learning how to work with Blogger and all the happy horseshit that goes with being a blogger consumed most of my spare time when I wasn't working on other projects.

However, today I throw caution to the wind and let these other projects slide as I attempt my first astrological- oriented posting. It seems like a good day for me with the Moon transiting my Midheaven and natal Moon to come out of the closet, eh? I confess my confidence as an astrologer isn't the highest even though I have been studying astrology for quite a few years and often even get paid for it. I have many astrology books and even purchased the Magi Astrology Software a few years back and studied with them. However, when I compare myself to MOST other astrologers, I feel lame. It seems EVERY other astrologer must be more knowledgeable than me.

That is why my postings aren't going to be erudite, amazing astro posts that you will find on most of the blogs on the sidebar, but you will find FEELINGS, musings, authenticity and astrological relevant data. Who knows, maybe someone will actually read my astro posts and find some merit to them?!

Here are some of my musings of the day vis a vis my personal astrology, and I will frame them in the context of questions. Maybe some other astrologer will offer some insights and even make a comment.

Since (demoted) Pluto has been conjunct my Natal Moon in Sag in the 10th for such a very long time and squaring my Natal Sun in the 7th, once Pluto moves on down the road, will I feel like a weight has been dropped off my shoulders? Will I become a butterfly at last? Will everything I have known just drop away? I know you can't take just ONE aspect and read a chart....but still I wonder.

I have played around/studied astro-cartography for many years and also had some readings done by some of the famous astrologers who specialize in astrocartography. One interesting thing I discovered is that places where my Venus is prominent/angular are places I got married. I didn't pick these locations, but that's how the cookie crumbled for me. I wasn't even living at these locations, but was brought to them by another and then got married there. Are we destined to marry at Venus astro places? I know the Magi astrologers believe that marriage is ruled by Chiron, but I did get married at my Venus locations. Go figure!

"One always begins to forgive a place as soon as it's left behind." Charles Dickens


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