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Moonlight Becomes Me: Full Moon in June

Moonlight Becomes Me

Shedding New Light on the MOON and astrology

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Full Moon in June

June Full Moon 2006

Moonlight Becomes Me is dedicated to my passion for astrology & fascination with our satellite, the MOON. My intention is to highlight ALL aspects of the Moon but with with my own YOU-nique slant as I explain in paragraph three of this posting.

There are many excellent websights that already feature the Moon such as Moonsurfing for instance. My intention is to link up to these very excellent blogs and websites fulfilling their mission. HOWEVER, my blog will take a different approach to moon lore, esoteric information, speculation, and cycles, even though I will include references to all of these plus links....oh, I must not forget: weird Moon stories too! Boo!

My PRIMARY intention is to highlight our ROMANCE with the moon, our FEELINGS about the Moon, our SYNERGY with the Moon, and our astrological INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP with the Moon's nodes and cycles through photos and text.

In my natal chart, my moon is located in Sagittarius at 25 degrees, and today the Full Moon is is at 20 degrees 41 Sagittarius, and believe me, I am FEELING THIS FULL MOON! :-)

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